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About us
About us

Thang Long Packaging Import-Export and Production Joint Stock Company (International transaction name THANGLONG PACKING IMPORT EXPORT PRODUCTION JOINT STOCK COMPANY) Thang Long Packing JSC. Established under the Business Registration Certificate No. 0103009149 dated September 6, 2005 of the Department of Planning and Investment of Hanoi.

Thang Long Packing JSC specializes in manufacturing high quality thin film packaging. Single film has types of LDPE, HDPE, PP ... Complex films have types: BOPP, PET DUAL PE, ALUMINUM, MPET, MCPP, PA ... In addition the company also produces all kinds of packaging for phone components, battery charger , headsets, printers, computers, cameras, and other home appliances. With modern equipment line provided by reputable Taiwanese firms, combining advanced technology with a highly skilled technical team. Our company is capable of manufacturing a wide variety of thin film packaging products in a variety of forms. To fully satisfy the domestic and export demands.

Our main products include: Plastic bags of all kinds, pallet wrap, Belt, EPE foam, EVA, POF, PP non-woven, eco-friendly plastic bag products ...

At the same time, Thang Long Packing JSC also conducts commercial activities, import-export and investment cooperation, joint venture, and association with domestic and foreign economic organizations.

Coming to Thang Long, you will feel secure and satisfied because of our motto: Cooperation, equality and mutual development.

thanglong packing

History & Development


Expanding partnership with Samsung Supply Chain

2014, Thang Long Packing JSC officially became a vendor for paper packaging for Samsung Supply Chain, manufacturing high-end earphones boxes, with FSC approved materials.


Merge Minh Phuong and Thang Long Packing Company

2011, ThangLong Packing and Minh Phuong merged, into ThangLong Packing JSC. In 2015, we received ISO 22000:2015 for food safety approved. Since then, TLP became sustainable partner of Pham Nguyen, Bao Hung, Hai Chau and others food manufacturing plants. 


ISO14001 Certified Joined Samsung Vietnam’s Supply Chain

As a new name on the packaging manufacturing field, TLP managed to become official supplier of Brother, Panasonic and Canon. In Octorber 2008, TLP received ISO 9001:2015 certificate. In this period, annual revenue rapidly increased 5 times from 0.7 to 3.4M USD.


Establish Thang Long packing Co. Manufacturing Poly bag in Minh Phuong Company Supplier of Canon Vietnam

Thang Long Import-Export Packaging was established on September 6th 2005, by Mr Ngoc Nguyen with initial capital of 10.000 USD.

Organizational structure

About us